The Great North Woods -continued


My relentless search for snowdomes took us to the Duluth harbor area one night. There was nothing I liked in the giftshops, but I spotted this yellow one inside the boat ride which was closed. Of course, I was back the next morning. It turned out to be a good move, as we discovered the Great Lakes Maritime Museum nearby in the daylight. An interesting place to learn about the ore and grain trade.

I love these guys, but Minnesota never had pirates.

Perhaps they're supposed to be corporate raiders.




The Loon Dome

When I was young and cocky and just starting my collection, I saw a big blue snowdome in the Minnesota airport with a loon inside. I was either a purist or just cheap at the time. I only bought the little blue domes. The little ones were a dollar and the big ones were three dollars. I snubbed that big blue loon dome. Serves me right. The blue loon is gone forever, replaced by a laser etched plaque in black, with a label from anytown, USA.
Another dome on the gift store shelf. Good presentation. Lousy product. Didn't buy it, but we can still look at the picture.

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